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America's #1 Rated Light Therapy Lamp


Fill your house with sunshine in every season, and enjoy a
healthier, happier you.

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  • Improved Mood & Motivation
  • Surge In Natural Energy Levels
  • Less Brain Fog & More Focus
  • Balanced & Healthy Sleep Cycles

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1822 Reviews

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Are You Suffering From
Seasonal Affective Depression

  • Low Energy
  • Constant
    Brain Fog
  • Poor Focus &
  • Insomnia &
    Sleep Disorders

When your day is starved of sunlight, it tricks your body into an endless night-time cycle,
leaving many feeling exhausted and depressed.

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Moodozi Light Therapy
Beat The Winter Blues and Boost Your Mood All Year Round!

Moodozi therapy lamp is your personal ray of sunshine for every season. With the simple click of a button, you can
instantly mimic morning sunlight or a cosy evening sunset, and unlock a host of mood benefits across every day of the year.

With Moodozi you will be able to fully enjoy a life full of energy, happiness and motivation, regardless
of the time of year or daily schedule.

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1822 Reviews

Stock Levels: LOW

Boost Your Mood In Every Season
Moodozi’s Wellness Benefits

Reap the therapeutic health benefits Moodozi brings and brighten up every day of the year.



Skip the coffee & enjoy a surge in physical & mental energy, the safe & natural way.



Eliminates brain fog & power through the day with more mental energy & focus.



Relaxes your mind & body to help you sleep better & wake up refreshed.



Reduces mood swings & irritation, leaving you feeling motivated & optimistic.

Order Now & Save 50%

1822 Reviews

Stock Levels: LOW

Feel Happier, Healthier And
More Productive
Moodozi’s Key Features

  • High and Low-Intensity Lights

    Bright morning or cosy evening glow lights can stimulate energy levels & concentration, & most importantly, get you ready for sleep.

  • Colour Temperature Adjustment

    Choosing a different light setting is vital when different outcomes are expected. Warm light can help you fall asleep

  • Touch Control

    With a single touch of a button, you can operate the device and choose preferred settings.

  • Auto Timer

    You don’t have to worry about disrupting your sleep or daily activities. With auto-timer, the lamp can be programmed to shut off by itself.

  • Portable Design

    Due to small measurements, the Moodozi lamp can be fitted into any bag and carried with you anywhere you go.

Order Now & Save 50%

1822 Reviews

Stock Levels: LOW

Don’t Take Our Word For It
See Why Thousands Love Moodozi Therapy Lamp

Moodozi continues to improve the daily lives for thousands of users across America

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21,453 reviews

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High Quality, Great Design

“I suffer from SAD every single year. Within 20 minutes of the first use, I could not believe what I have been missing out on! I now feel happier and more energized than ever before.”

Carla R. | Nevada

Amazing Product!!!

“I have been living in Alaska for the last 15 years and the neverending winter nights are brutal. This lamp allowed me to feel happy, focused and less lethargic. I can finally feel good for longer than 6 months of the year”

Jake N. | Alaska

Wish I would have purchased sooner

“As someone who has been working night shifts for as long as I can remember, this is an absolute godsend. I was able to quickly adjust my body to behave as if I was awake during the day. No more headaches, irritation and I can finally get a full day of sleep”

Rachel B | Arizona

My New Favorite Lamp!

Putting the happy in my day! Most 9-5ers dont have they time to spend in the sunlight for that natural mood booster and wake up boost! This light is helpful in the morning at the start of my shift to wake me up and get me going with a positive boost to my mood ! Really enjoying the light !!

Melissa | New York NY


I have done extensive research on the benefits of natural light for improved mood, focus, and productivity. Since using this lamp, I've found a huge increase in all three of those on the days that are most overcast as well as late at night when the sun goes down. I love that the light level can be adjusted and a 30-minute timer can be set as well. This is a must-have for anyone who works daily indoors.

Veronica | Traverse City MI

Order Now & Save 50%

1822 Reviews

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1822 Reviews

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